Exodus 35 – Fill me with the Holy Spirit

Exodus 35:30-35

After reading instructions on how to build a tabernacle, one might ask,

  • How am I supposed to build all this?
  • I am a leader without any construction knowledge or know-how
  • I am more of a white-collar scholar than a blue-collar technician .
  • Where should I get all the materials? (Gold, silver bronze, stone, wood, etc.)

This brings back to the passage where Moses refused to go to Egypt. He didn’t know how, and he was not experienced in leading people.

“I’ll be with you” – Exodus 3: 12

This was His simple answer to the great task.

In Exodus 35, Moses is now a born-again leader. He doesn’t ask immature questions like that. He simply believes that God will provide.

  • With Skill
  • With Intelligence
  • With Knowledge
  • With All Craftsmanship
  • (and even) To Teach
  1. To devise artistic designs
  2. To work in gold and silver and bronze
  3. In cutting stones for setting
  4. In carving wood

Exodus 35: 30-35 conveys a really powerful message, and it seems to be speaking directly to me. Whenever I have a new project to launch, I pray and get worried at the same time. I am asking questions that Moses did when he was in Exodus 3. My prayer is that whenever I hit difficulty, I want to find myself in Exodus 35, where I just do everything and anything with “the Spirit of God”.

Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirt!



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